TI Advisor Alanna Lockward curate BE.BOP 2012


BE.BOP 2012- BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS is an international transdisciplinary roundtable centered on Black European citizenship in connection to recent moving image and performative practices. The framework of this meeting is circumscribed within decolonial theories which expose how the idea of citizenship is linked to current racialized configurations and hence with the limits of humanity. In that sense, the racial hierarchy of human existence, originating in the Renaissance and prescribed legally during the Enlightenment, established current (white-male-Christian-Western) European notions of who is Human and who is lower in that hierarchy, thereby designating citizenship, one of the most important legacies of modernity. The time-based positions discussed at this meeting have been selected because they contest (racialized) fantasies on European citizenship.

By means of analyzing these narratives of re-existence, BE.BOP 2012 aims at facilitating a long-term exchange between specialists in disciplines unrelated to visual arts and time-based art practitioners of different contexts of the Black European Diaspora. The idea is to create multiple dialogues across the fields of history, legal studies, art and political activism. The transdisciplinary roundtable will be accompanied by a screening program and its content will be published in the form of a book, creating therefore the basis of a visible platform on this field in order to contribute to current debates on citizenship in the public sphere globally. As the first edition of a series entitled OTHER EUROPE BODY POLITICS, BE.BOP 2012 will be entirely dedicated to the Black European Diaspora. Future editions will also include Other racialized subjects in Europe in the same format. These series are motivated and theoretically embedded to Decolonial Aesthetics and more specifically to Decolonial Diasporic Aesthetics, a term coined by curator, Alanna Lockward.

Ndèye Andújar (Spain) / José Manuel Barreto (England) /Artwell Cain (Holland) Teresa María Díaz Nerio (Holland) / Simmi Dullay (South Africa) / Jeannette Ehlers (Denmark) / Fatima El Tayeb (Germany) / Ylva Habel (Sweden) / Grada Kilomba (Germany) / William Kentridge (South Africa) / Michael Küppers-Adebisi (Germany) / Rozena Maart (South Africa) / Walter Mignolo (United States) / IngridMwangiRobertHutter (Germany) / Minna Salami (England) / Dierk Schmidt (Holland) / Robbie Shilliam (England) / Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Germany) / Emeka Udemba (Germany) Rolando Vázquez (Holland)
Alanna Lockward, Curator

In collaboration with Allianz Kulturstiftung and Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
Sponsored by: VideoArtWorld, Digits Without Borders, Center for Global Studies and the Humanities at Duke University, Savvy Contemporary and Transnational Decolonial Institute


Jeannette Ehlers. Black Magic at the White House, 2009. 3:46

Alanna Lockward – Concept and production
Walter Mignolo- Advisor

More Info:

May 4-6, 2012

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse

A Project of ArtLabour Archives

Image Credit

IngridMwangiRobertHutter, BlackHalf – Half Black, 1997
2 C-prints, 34 cm x 42 cm


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