Transart Alumnus Rui Guerra’s 2 New Projects

The internet has become an increasingly disputed space. Governments want to regulate it and internet providers want to restrict access to parts of it. To help us remember that the internet can exist without governments, we have created unCloud. unCloud is an application that enables anyone with a laptop to create an open wireless network and distribute their own information. In case you are in Belgium, the project is presented at the artefact festival in Leuven. Also feel free to create clouds in your own cities. unCloud is a co-commision by and

Museum Analytics
Museum Analytics is an online platform for sharing and discussing information about museums and their audiences. For each museum there is a daily updated report with information about online and offline audiences. These reports are an essential tool for communication departments to evaluate and understand their progress. Rui will be presenting Museum Analytics at the conference Museums and the web, San Diego (USA) in March and at the conference Museum Next, Barcelona (Spain) in April.

Feel free to contact Rui if you are in the Netherlands and need some guidance. In case you know about opportunities to show software based art projects please let him know at


Transart Faculty Geoff Cox is Participating in Documenta 13

Transart Faculty Geoff Cox is Participating in Documenta 13.  Please see the following link for more details!

Transart Alumnus Damon Ayers’ “Flash Flood” Call for Submissions

Damon Ayers is participating in a dead drop exhibition/ symposium in and around the Philadelphia exhibition space Little Berlin. The field is still open if you want to send something in; anyone is free to contact them, and they are still excepting submissions for the next couple weeks.
Here is the link:

Transart Faculty Geoff Cox Launches “World of the News” at Transmediale

World of the News – The world’s greatest peer-reviewed newspaper of in/compatible research – Press Release

World of the News – The world’s greatest peer-reviewed newspaper of in/compatible research presents cutting edge in/compatible research in an accessible FREE tabloid format. The newspaper partly addresses academia’s increasing demand for publication of academic peer-reviewed journal articles. Perhaps researchers need new visions of how to produce and consume research?

The content of the newspaper derives from a Ph.D. workshop and conference held in November 2011, at University of the Arts, Berlin (organised by Aarhus University in collaboration with transmediale/reSource for transmedial culture and the Vilém Flusser Archive). This provided an insight into current research from academics, practitioners, and Ph.D. researchers from an open call. Leading up to that event, and subsequent to it, a blog has been gathering draft articles and discussions, reflecting on the key issues. This collaborative ‘peer-review’ process is further developed during the festival itself, on 01 February, 2012. So, although this may seem like old news in many ways, in terms of research practices, it breaks with some of the current academic conventions of peer-review, academic reputation, and what constitutes proper scholarly activity.

In the light of questions such as “how to measure research?” and “what constitutes a knowledge platform?” World of the News addresses the broader context of its own production. These questions are especially important in a situation where the re-organisation of universities across Europe as well as cuts in the cultural sector are being increasingly determined by the market. Unlike education in many countries, the newspaper is FREE.

The newspaper is also the thematic publication of this year’s transmediale festival in Berlin, and follows a previous publication of a peer-reviewed newspaper by Digital Aesthetics Research Centre in 2011, Nyhedsavisen: Public Interfaces. It addresses how different technologies, their cultures of use, and their conceptualisation at once represent compatibilities and incompatibilities. What happens when such in/compatible phenomena are brought to the fore rather than hidden away in the dark underbelly of digital culture? Is their in/compatibility a threat to stability, connectivity and to the operations of socio-technical systems more broadly? How do these unresolved tensions and paradoxes of media technologies continue to impact experimental artistic imagination and research practices?

PUBLISHERS: transmediale/Digital Aesthetics Research Centre, Aarhus University
DESIGNERS: Manuel Bürger, Timm Häneke, Till Wiedeck
EDITORS: Geoff Cox & Christian Ulrik Andersen
CONTRIBUTORS: Christian Ulrik Andersen, Cesar Baio, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Zach Blas, Morten Breinbjerg, Geoff Cox, Lina Dokuzović, Jacob Gaboury, Kristoffer Gansing, Baruch Gottlieb, Jakob Jakobsen, Ioana Jucan, Dmytri Kleiner, Thomas Bjoernsten Kristensen, Magnus Lawrie, Giannina Lisitano, Aymeric Mansoux, Alex McLean, Rosa Menkman, Gabriel Menotti, Andrew Murphie, Jussi Parikka, Søren Pold, Morten Riis, Lasse Scherffig, Cornelia Sollfrank, Mathias Tarasiewicz, Tiziana Terranova, Marie Thompson, Nina Wenhart, Carolin Wiedemann, Siegfried Zielinski.

TI Alumnus Behailu Bezabih at FACE2FACE


FACE2FACE ethiopian contemporary arts

January 27-29, 2012: Exhibition – FACE2FACE, LeLa Gallery, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

For three days, Friday January 27, Saturday January 28 & Sunday January 29 LeLa Gallery will host a unique exhibition of original artworks taken from the FACE2FACE exhibition currently on display -High Definition Prints- at the African Union on the occasion of the AU Summit.

Commissioned by the European Commission and BOZAR, Brussels, FACE2FACE features recent works by Tewodros Hagos, Tamrat Gezahagne, Mulugeta Tafesse, Mulugeta Gebrekidan, Michael Tsegaye, Ermias Kifleyesus & Behailu Bezabih.

Curated by Leo Lefort this exhibition has been conceived as an open dialogue between audiences, artists and institutions. Upon the invitation to ‘invade’ the pavilion conceived by visionary architect David Adjaye and independent curator Simon Njami, FACE2FACE participates supremely to the incremental platform, by opening a space for seven Ethiopian contemporary artists.

JANUARY 27, 28 & 29 from 10.00am to 7pm.
Meet the artists at LeLa gallery on Saturday @ 4pm.

More info:
Atelier Art Gallery 
LeLa Contemporary Art Gallery

Transart Collective / Connecting the Dots

Astrid Menze

The Transart Collective consists of a group of international artists collaborating with regional artists on projects through digital media and technology. The exhibition speaks to the notion that artists can come together locally and globally, connect and share ideas, issues and themes. This becomes increasingly apparent with the advent of technology and social media. Video and photographic works from this collaboration will be featured in The Cube and BMO Open Gallery. Following the exhibition at the KAG, Connecting the Dots resumes at the Arnica Artist Run Centre with an exhibition of additional collaborative works.

Curated by Tricia Sellmer and Craig Willms, KAG Assistant Curator

Transart Collective
Connecting the Dots

March 24 to June 9, 2012

The Cube and BMO Open Gallery
More Info:



Image Credit:

Astrid Menze
still from all inclusive HERE | THEN | THERE | NOW, 2010



TI Advisor Duba Sambolec at Galerija Škuc

Dubravka Duba Sambolec

Duba Sambolec / Situation Report
26.1. – 24.2.2012
Škuc Gallery

On Thursday, 26th January 2012, at 7 p.m., the preview of the show with the artist, Duba Sambolec. On Wednesday, 8th February 2012, at 6 p.m., the artist talk with Duba Sambolec.

On Thursday, 23rd February 2012, at 6 p.m., the panel discussion with the artist, Duba Sambolec, the curator, Urška Jurman, and the Artistic Director of Škuc Gallery, Tevž Logar.


More info:

Galerija Škuc

Art Review

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